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Network analyzer software enables network technicians to maintain and optimize the voice service and data service of the next generation network.. In addition, anyone through these software can access virtually any network anywhere, running any protocol, thereby reducing operating costs, and accelerate the diagnosis and exclusion of network fault process.
JDSU proven network fault diagnosis solution adds support for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, which can help you achieve and exceed your customer satisfaction goals. It will shorten the startup time significantly, save the training cost, and make the technicians more quickly to solve the problem of the network..
Easy to implement performance breakthroughs in the easy to use 10 GigE network analyzer:
Function - capture 100% of network traffic at 10 p s Gb rate. Advanced Ethernet packet capture and processing capabilities means that you will not let any network problems.
Wide - wide range of data measurement and voice measurements, including full protocol analysis, and provide the correct information for your decision to make effective decisions.
Depth - advanced data packet analysis and statistics, including jitter, packet loss and delay, extensive front-end capture filtering and remote control, to ensure that your first time to solve the problem.
Extensive wired protocol testing features include:
- Test 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface or Mbps 10/100/1000 Ethernet interface
- Collaborative expert analyzer software, quickly and effectively solve network problems
- forecasting network problems with performance statistics and key parameters
- analyze key full duplex server or backbone link
- obtain comprehensive network statistics
- decode 500 protocols on all 7 layers of OSI
- Testing in IPv4 and IPv6 (or IPv4 and IPv6 hybrid) environment
- graphical user interface for easy user browsing
- generate LAN traffic on 10 Gbps link or Mbps 10/100/1000 Ethernet link
- Analysis of MPLS, fault diagnosis for the aggregation network
- J6865A is a basic software for use with 10 GigE/GigE blade interfaces
- run on the PC or server on the managed blade interface
- provide real-time analysis or off-line analysis capability, can use online status of all available, for the capture of the number
According to the processing function of the LAN data were previously captured and saved from any network analyzer hardware platform
Re analysis.
Fault diagnosis guide, so you can:
- continuous feedback on major network issues
- identify the severity of the fault, and troubleshooting in accordance with the priority order
- no need to know too much of the protocol knowledge, using drilling sequence (drill-down sequence) fast fault isolation
- get extensive online help, understand the solutions for fault interpretation and recommendation
To learn the information about the network, so that you can:
- select the required data only through flexible capture filters and display filters
- concentrate on the network for fault diagnosis, rather than the use of the important energy use of automatic packaging
(auto-encapsulation) the mechanism is configured for the instrument, including support for the GRE and GTP tunnels.
Automatic detection and measurement results in the highest IP layer report.
- to understand traffic code by connecting statistical functions
- confirm the MAC and network nodes by using the node discovery function
- export statistical data to a trend analysis and more in-depth analysis of the reporting center.
Advanced measurement and active testing (Test Active)
Network analyzer has a wide range of specific features, can help you troubleshoot network failures. In the next few pages
We will introduce the following functions in detail:
- expert analyzer software utilization charts and time - varying network health status charts, providing interest to the
Overview of connection, protocol, and network events.
- data filtering allows users to focus on important data and to effectively use the capture buffer.
- TCP connection analysis allows you to analyze the TCP connection and quickly determine the delay and retransmission issues.
- multilevel jitter, delay and packet loss, the problem of the data packet can be determined through the network degradation of the root of the problem.
- compressed package that allows the analyzer, found higher data, and not subject to low layer compression
Impact including support for tunnel GRE and GTP flows.
- Protocol annotations provide a detailed list of network events connected and nodes.
- protocol statistics provide a detailed view of network activity protocols, including the use of rate statistics, error number and average frame
- the node discovery technology can provide the physical address, name, network address and the occurrence of the node in each node
List of events.
- determine the network baseline so you can see how the network changes over time.
- the key parameters of the protocol can provide all the nodes of the network, display the utilization ratio and data link layer (DLL).
- connect statistics that provide a detailed view of each activity connection, including the use of protocols and problems encountered.
- use the overview, details or sixteen - band format to decode all packets on the network
- Custom decoding enables the expert user to define proprietary decoding.
- all the measurement analysis is fully supported by IPv6 protocol analysis.
- active testing (Tests Active) allows you to generate traffic that can come from the buffer
Backup data or modify data, playback, PING and ARP.

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